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When shipping to an Israeli address:


1. Arrange a pickup from the Showroom.


2. Standard Delivery - up to 14 days.


3. Express Delivery - 3-7 business days.


Worldwide Shipping.:


1. Standard Delivery - Between 14-30 business days.

2. Express Delivery - Between 3-7 business days.


When purchasing online - contact us within 14 days from the item's arrival time to replace it with a different iteam/get a store credit/receive a full refund (depends on your choice).


When purchasing while visiting our showroom - cancellation and a full refund will be available if you return the product within 2 business days. A store credit/exchange of item will be available up to  14 days from the time of purchase.


All of the written above applies only in cases the product hasn't been in use




We would cover the cost of repairs if needed up to a year from the purchasing date and only if the product was used within a normal and reasonable way.       

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